Wellness Care

Wellness Care

Starting Off Right

Prevention of disease is obviously preferred over treatment of disease.  But what does that equate to for the best wellness plan for your pet? Well, in the words of my Chinese Medicine mentor (Dr Xie), it depends.  We believe that each pets history, environmental exposures, medical history, personality & more should all be factored into their wellness plan.  No cookie-cutter recommendations here.  We'll help you create the ideal plan including how many times a year your pet should be examined, an optimal nutrition plan, which lab tests are valuable,  preventative treatments are necessary & a fun, realistic exercise regimen.  

We will help you, as a pet parent, to understand the meaning and necessity of these good preventative veterinary practices.  Educating you means that you're that much more equipped to provide your pet great care.  We want you to know all your options so you can play an active role in your pets health.  

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