Aiding the Body's Own Mechanisms

A well-sourced supplement can assist the body's natural functions.  Dr. Kelly likes to use whole food supplements for a variety of reasons.  These products are manufactured using no synthetic components; this allows many things to occur, most notably the body's ability to break down and utilize what we are providing it.

Supplements can be beneficial in both health and sickness.  They can provide a little extra help to active dogs joints and keep them moving comfortably before an injury occurs.  A good combination of gastrointestinal support may prove to be an asset for an older kitty's ability to absorb the wholesome nutrients their food provides.  Coat condition can improve drastically in both cats and dogs with the aid of a good supplement!

What may work for one pet may not be what is needed in another.  However, the options are nearly limitless, and this is a great thing to keep in mind.  Dr. Kelly can help guide you through the process of choosing which products will be best for your individual pet.

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