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Here at Smith’s Veterinary Services, our in-home visits allow us to take time getting to know you & your pet.  We get to witness your pets unique personality that may be otherwise toned down in a clinic setting.  This can sometimes be challenging with some headstrong kitties but we promise not to take it personally!  We can observe environmental factors first hand & enjoy seeing all the ways you spoil your fur child.  We pride ourselves on our passion for animal care and our love of their people.  We understand that pet parents are often worried when their pet is ill so we're committed to taking time to listen & offer solutions that are best not only for the pet but also for their people. We believe that animals are individuals and their health & well-being should be approached with that in mind.

We approach your pets wellness or illness through an integrated approach.  We define Integrative Medicine as healing-oriented medicine that is designed to treat the whole pet (body, mind, and spirit), not just the disease.  It combines the best of alternative & conventional therapies while emphasizing the importance of the pet owner-pet-veterinarian relationship.  

There are some conditions that are simply more appropriately treated using conventional medicine, especially if the pet is in pain or discomfort.  We're not afraid to use medications in the short term when we think it's in the pets best interest but we also recognize that we want to treat the underlying problem.  We know that our pets (and us!) have great healing abilities, and the healthier their body is as a whole, the better equipped they are to fight disease and remain free from illness.

We recognize that illness can be connected to any number of daily activities such as poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, or stress, and we strive to help provide you tools to incorporate a little goodness into your pets daily routine.   Although daily health has been a way of life in many parts of the world for ages, Western Societies are finally catching up to this understanding.

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