Photo Submissions

Photo Submissions

Calling All Hams!

Well, yes, pigs if you've got them!  But all kinds.  Dogs, cats, humans and their cats, cats and their dogs.  You get the point.  If you have any pictures of a patient of ours (or soon to be patient?) that you'd like us to feature in various rotations throughout the website or Facebook, please send them to us!  A picture of your adorable, big boned dog with Dr. Kelly?!  Even better!  Our practice is all about you and your pets, in every aspect of it's being.

Please send any pictures that you would like featured to with the subject line 'photo submissions'.  I can't guarantee all pictures will be used, or even used right away, and maybe I just like having an album full of adorable animals.  But hey, we all like to brag about our kids, right?

DISCLAIMER: By submitting photos, you are declaring permission to Smith's Veterinary Services and staff to use the material on our website and throughout promotional content.

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