In-Home Exams - Gentle On Your Schedule!

A housecall can provide both you and your pet the flexibility and comfort of staying in your home environment.  For pets that easily become stressed, are hard to transport (cats in carriers, people - we all know the drill!) or have painful conditions, visits in the home can grant a reprieve.  We can offer most services in the home including exams, blood work, nutritional counseling, administering treatments and integrative therapies such as acupuncture.  We often ask owners to allot one to two hours in their day for our visit, if for any reason we feel a recheck or other service will take a different amount of time, we will inform you prior to the visit.

Taking the first step to setting up an appointment is easy!  You may fill out and submit our appointment request form, and we will get back to you via phone or email within 48 hours.  If you've any questions before booking, please don't hesitate to ask!


Previous records on your pet can be very beneficial, and is something Dr. Kelly would love to review before our appointment.  If you have all of the most recent exam notes, blood work or test results, please forward these to our office. (A common mistake by owners would be sending an invoice.  Unfortunately in the best case scenario, this only shows us what was done - not what was found.)  If you do not have any of this on hand, records are easily obtained by calling your pet’s current clinic or service and requesting these be sent via email or fax directly to us.

Setting the Scene

Some things to consider about making sure your pet is available to us and a little more comfortable when we arrive:

  • Close off all rooms that aren’t needed during our visit! Bedrooms, closets, etc. all provide ample hiding space that only increases anxiety in the household.  If you have a kitty, please do your best to cut off access to the litter pans in the household- we often collect urine and can't do so if the kitty's bladder isn't very full.
  • We will sometimes take cats aside into a quiet bathroom for bloodwork collection (and sometimes parts of the exam) - this allows both you and your pet some time to calm down and not be associated with each other’s stress.  Keep in mind, some dogs may benefit from this as well.
  • Some pets become worried about strangers in the home.  Consider providing them the sanctuary of a small room PRIOR to our arrival.

If you have any tips, options or situations to make us aware of in regards to parking or travel, please let us know!  We understand how important your time and schedule is, and would love to ensure our schedule is as spot on and predictable as possible.


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